Bengali Food Festival on Bengali New Year at Goldbrick Mukti World, Gariahat, Kolkata

Bengali-Food Fest
Ambiance: Good
Food: Good
Price: High
Location : Mukti World, Gariahat, Kolkata

Timings : 14th and 15th April [Lunch and Buffet]

For Information : 033 40607379

Cost : Rs.399 Per Head [VAT Extra]

Cuisine : Bengali

Our Recommendation :

  • Ghee Vaat
  • Beguni
  • Alu Kukure
  • Chana Dal with Narkel
  • Chanar Dalna
  • Sorshe Vetki
  • Kosha Mangsho
  • Kancha Aamer Chatni
  • Misti Doi
  • Rasogolla

Though Bengali is now practicing Rocket Science and Nuclear Physics they have not forgotten having a Bengali Cuisine with a grand preparation, they still lick their hand after having Illish Mach. This Bengali New Year let your taste buds to praise for you. Serve them a good Bengali cuisine at Goldbrick, Mukti World.

Gold Brick is Offering a grand list of Bengali Dishes in their Lunch and Dinner menus for Rs.399(VAT Extra) Per Head. where Starter, Main Courses and Desserts like Rasogolla are included.

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