Hilsa Festival at Oh! Calcutta

Ambiance: Good
Food: Good
Price: High
Location :

Silver Spring Club, Floor 3, Em Bypass

Forum Mall, Floor 4

Contact No. : 22517036, 22837161

Timings : Till 15th August

  • Lunch : 12.30pm to 3.30pm
  • Dinner : 7pm to 11pm

Cost : Rs.1000 for two [TAX Extra]

Cuisine : Bengali Food. Special Items on Illish (Hilsa).

Menu in Illish Festival [Our Recommendation]

  • Steamed Boneless Hilsa with Mango Pickle
  • Kumro Patar Aam Acharer Illish
  • Grilled Hilsa
  • Borishali Illish Vaja
  • Pan Fried Hilsa
  • Boneless Hilsa Fillet
  • Hilsa Broth [Illisher Jhol]
  • Sorshe Illish
  • Lonka Bhapa Illish
  • Til Lonkar Illish
  • Dhone Rosuner Illish
  • Pickled Steamed Hilsa [Served with seasoned rice in clay pot]
  • Hilsa Pulao


Every year around this time Oh! Calcutta hosts Hilsa festival keeping in mind Bengali’s affection for Illish Mach. In Kolkata a cold war between Ghoti and Bangal is well known from the football ground to kitchen everywhere they try to take over another. But Illish of Bangal has always got top rank in Bengali Cuisine over Chingri of Ghotis. Both of them are serving Bengalis taste buds for centuries but somewhere Illish starts the race a few feet ahead of Chingri.

Oh! Calcutta has arranged this festival with variety of items made with Illish among them Smoked Hilsa, Grilled Hilsa, Fried Hilsa and also very Common Hilsa Broth will get major attention. This festival is till 15th August. The availability and quality of Illish has been deteriorated for past few years. So the price of the items are a bit high though. But according to their chief chef they don’t want to compromise on quality.

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