Bhojohori Manna | Bengali Cuisine in Kolkata

Bhojohori Manna-Gariahat
Ambiance: Good
Food: Good
Price: High
Location : Ekdalia Road, Gariahat, Kolkata

Timings : 12 Noon to 9 PM

Cost : 700 for Two [VAT Extra]

Cuisine : Bengali

Our Recommendation :

  • Maccher Chop [Rs.25]
  • Bhetki Rongpury Fry [Rs.60]
  • Chingri Cutlet [Rs.55]
  • Luchi [Rs.10]
  • Basanti Pulao [Rs.45]
  • Boneless Mutton Pulao [Rs.130]
  • Mochar Ghonto [Rs.45]
  • Jumbo Katla Kalia [Rs.100]
  • Super Jumbo Illish Barishali [Rs.275]
  • Dhonepata Chicken [Rs.90]
  • Muton Bakbangla (With Egg) [Rs.115]
  • Echor Chingri [Rs.55]

Its a wonderful bengali restaurant. A must place for all bengali foodies. You will find all sorts of bengali delicacies. One can relish on the yummy bengali cusine. I had aampora shorbot, postor bora,Mourala bhaja,begun basanti,chitol muitha, Dhanepata chicken. All of what i had was mouth watering. Each and every item was so nicely prepared.I enjoyed distinct flavors of all.

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