Kulfi and More | Mumbai Chowpatti Kulfi in BTM 2nd Stage, Bangalore

Ambiance: Poor
Food: Good
Price: Average

Location : 7th Main, BTM 2nd Stage, Bangalore – 560076

Cost : 100 for Two

Contact No. : 9845592025

Cuisine : Kulfi, Ice Cream

From the Menu : [Our Recommendation]

Traditional Kulfi

  • Malai [Rs.30/40/200]
  • Pista [Rs.30/40/200]
  • Alfanso mango [Rs.30/40/200]
  • Sugar Free Malai [Rs.50]

Spl. Fruit Kulfi

  • Strawberry [Rs.40/50/250]
  • Butter Scotch [Rs.40/50/250]
  • Litchi [Rs.40/50/250]
  • Custard Apple [Rs.50/250]
  • Black Currant [Rs.40/50/250]
  • Chikko [Rs.50/250]

Special Kulfi & Rabri

  • 4 in 1 Milan (Malai/Pista/Gulab/Kesar) [Rs.50
  • 2 in 1 Kesar Gulab [Rs.50]
  • Special Rabri [Rs.60/150]
  • Rabri Kulfi [Rs.70]
  • Rabri Dry Fruit Kulfi [Rs.55/80]
  • Rabri Faluda Kulfi [Rs.60/80]

Dry Fruit Kulfi

  • Kesar Pista [Rs.40/50/55/250]
  • Kesar Badam [Rs.40/50/55/250]
  • Gulab Badam [Rs.40/50/250]
  • Chocolate [Rs.40/50/250]
  • Roasted Almond [Rs.40/50/250]
  • Kaju Kishmis [Rs.50/250]
  • Anjeer [Rs.50/250]
  • Kasattaa (Cashew, Anjeer, Cherry) [Rs.50/55/250]
  • Noga (Crunchy Caramel) [Rs.50/55/250]


Kulfi and More has opened their new branch in BTM 2nd Stage, Bangalore. They are famous in Mumbai for their special dry fruit Kulfis and Milk Shake. They also serve kulfis and milk based drinks in famous hotels like Hyatt, Mumbai; Delhi Darbar Restaurants, Mumbai; Alila Hotel, Bangalore.

Their Dry fruit items are special and must have. Rabri is also very tasty here. And fruit kulfis also very tasty.

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