Zero Miles | Multicuisine Restaurant in BBD Bag / Dalhousie, Kolkata

Zero Miles-Dalhousie
Ambiance: Good
Food: Good
Price: High
Address : Central Avenue, [Opposite to TeaBoard], Dalhousie, Kolkata

Timings : 11AM to 11PM

Contact Number : 033 23316888, 033 22310171

Cost : 800 for Two

Cuisine : Indian, Chinese

Our Recommendation :

  • Hunan Chicken [Rs.255]
  • Chicken Bar-B-Q [Rs.250]
  • Cheese Cherry Pineapple Sticks [Rs.185]
  • Chicken in Chinese Parsley Sauce [Rs.270]
  • Ginger & Capsicum Fried Rice [Rs.165]
  • Mixed Fried Rice [Rs.185]
  • Wok Tossed Hakka Noodles [Rs.150]
  • Chicken Pan Fried Noodles [Rs.195]
  • Grilled Fish [Rs.350]
  • Murg Khurchan [Rs.1270]
  • Fish Baroda [Rs.350]
  • Murg Haryali Kebab [Rs.260]
  • Kashmiri Pulao [Rs.175]
  • Pinapple Blossom [Rs.150]
  • Drinks :

  • BloodyMarry [Rs.205]
  • Pink Lady [Rs.205]
  • ScrewDriver [Rs.205]
  • Smirnoff [Rs.165 for 60ml]
  • Blue Ribband [Rs.165 for 60ml]

To start with I was really impressed by the aura of this place, Nice and soft. The restaurant here is named as executive lounge. You will find variant sittings into one place from cushioned chairs to red cozy sofa to rexin seats.The place is nicely lighted with red and blue.

I especially liked the cheese cherry pineapple sticks, its lil, sweet and different. The pan fried chicken noodles was simple sumptuous, It has so loads of veggies into it, mushrooms, babycorn, carrots, bellpaper and many more. The grilled fish tasted so well n was served with fries and veggies. Its kinda mini treat.
Also the chicken in chinese parsley sauce was cooked so well. It was somewhat Indian and partialy Chinese but I would say first time i has tasted some of this kind.

They also serve drinks. And which is one of the reasons for their crowd. People come here to drink and dine. Their variety of drinks is really good. From Mocktails to Cocktails that to of all variants like whiskey, Vodka, Rum, Gin. Also they serve tequila, differently tossed, mixed, flavored and served.

About the price, the dishes are a bit over priced. However the quality and quantity both are not bad at all. The drinks are also priced high but their variety is appreciable. I visited here on some one’s suggestion and I do recommend others to get in here some time.

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