Sahibaan | Multicuisine Restaurant at Colaba, Mumbai

Ambiance: Good
Food: Good
Price: High
Location : 2nd Pasta Lane, Colaba, Mumbai

Contact No. : 022 32232833, 32232844

Timings : 12:00PM to 12:30AM

Cost : Rs. 800 for two

Cuisine : Chinese, Continental


  • Hot & Sour Veg Soup [Rs.100]
  • Tum Yum Prawn Soup [Rs.155]
  • Beijing Chicken soup [Rs.135]
  • Sweet Corn Chicken [Rs.115]
  • Sahibaan Special Seafood soup [Rs.155]


  • Minced Chicken Fried Wanton [Rs.155]
  • Roast Chilly Chicken [Rs.195]
  • Three flavored Chicken [Rs.215]
  • Chilly Chicken in Sanghai Style [Rs.215]
  • Golden fried Prawns [Rs.265]
  • Chilly Pepper Prawns [Rs.265]

Main Course-Veg

  • Kung Pao Potatoes [Rs.175]
  • Mix Veg Babycorn Mushroom Hot black [Rs.175]
  • Stir Fried Chinese greens [Rs.205]
  • Thai veg Curry [Rs.235]

Main Course-Prawn

  • Dry Red Chilly Prawn [Rs.265]
  • Ginger Honey Prawns [Rs.265]
  • Prawn in Butter Garlic Sauce [Rs.265]

Main Course-Chicken

  • Sahibaan Special Chicken [Rs.215]
  • Chin Chao Chicken [Rs.190]
  • Chicken Schezwan [Rs.160]
  • Chicken Hunan [Rs.190]
  • Chicken In Chilly Oyster Sauce [Rs.190]
  • Chicken Manchurian [Rs.150]
  • Chicken Thai Curry [Rs.240]

Main Course-Fish

  • Fish Hakka Style [Rs.225]
  • Standing Fish-Pomfret [Rs.475]
  • Fish in Green Garlic sauce [Rs.225]

Main Course-Lobster

  • Butter Garlic Lobster [Rs.475]
  • Lobster Red Pepper [Rs.475]

Main Course-Lamb

  • Roasted Lamb [Rs.325]
  • Lamb Salt & Pepper [Rs.325]

Rice & Noodles

  • Pan Fried Chicken Noodles [Rs.215]
  • Pot Rice Prawns [Rs.255]
  • Malasian Chicken Noodles [Rs.185]
  • Singapore Style Fusion Rice [Rs.235]


This a bit high priced restaurant in Colaba. As Colaba, is already an expensive place to dine in. This food joint offers good non-veg food. Where mostly if you want to bear a small pinch in pocket you would have to go for vegetarian. The restaurant is not that big but inside its nice. We found it too cold inside. Their menu is mostly Chinese.

The food is good. And most importantly smells too fresh. Starting from soups, their aroma, then the crisps of the starters. Their quantity of servings is enough. The garnishing on the items are quite good. Prawns are really good here, as starters or main course.

Their service is a bit slow. This place is least crowded. Their behaviors are nice & pleasant.

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