Esplanade Heritage Calcutta Cuisine | Bengali Restaurant at Indiranagar, Bangalore

Ambiance: Good
Food: Good
Price: Average
Location : Indiranagar, Bangalore

Contact No. : 080 40927888, 40927878

Timings : 12.30PM to 3:30PM, 7:30 to 11.30PM

Cost : Rs. 800 for two

Cuisine : Bengali


  • Chingri Sahebi Kebab[Rs.375]
  • Prawn Cutlet[Rs.345]
  • Aam Kasundi Bhapa Bhetki[Rs.325]
  • Mourola Mach Bhaja [Rs.195]
  • Mangsher Chop [Rs.295]
  • Basket of Fries [Rs.155]
  • Chicken Kabiraji [Rs.285]
  • Fish fry [Rs.325]

Main Course

  • Postor Bora [Rs.125]
  • Aam diye Tok Dal [Rs.155]
  • Lebu pata diye Masoor Dal [Rs.155]
  • Shuktoni [Rs.135]
  • Aloo Jhinge Posto [Rs.145]
  • Aam Kashundir Begun [Rs.135]
  • Bati Chorchori [Rs.145]
  • Dhokar Dalna [Rs.145]
  • Chitol Macher Muitha [Rs.275]
  • Boneless Elish Paturi [Rs.395]
  • Bhetki Paturi [Rs.245]
  • Doi Murgi [Rs.245]
  • Daab Muri [Rs.275]
  • Kasha Manghso [Rs.295]


  • Misti Doi [Rs.75]
  • Rossogolar Payesh [Rs.95]
  • Malai Chumchum [Rs.95]
  • Baked Sandesh [Rs.125]
  • Icecream Sandesh [Rs.125]


Its a very lovely restaurant serving complete Bengali Cuisine. After big & famous food joints serving Bengali this place has come up with great tastes and a complete ethnic aura. Its just on the main road. The name would attract many Bengali people here in search of the true flavors of Kolkata. The place has wooden interiors, some sofas, some chairs, railings and beautiful chandeliers. You can also find some lil momentos of rickshaws,cycles etc. The environment is quite & cozy.

They have a large variety of typical Bengali dishes in starters to Desserts. The fishes they serve are very fresh and cooked so nicely. They have many of their kinds. Prawn cutlet is a great choice to start with. Chicken kabiraji is one of the famous fast foods among Bengalis and its tasted great. In veg dishes, Aam Kashundi Begun could just make you remember your home made food. Kasha mangsho is a must have in here, extremely tasty and can be paired with a luchi basket. They have a great lunch buffet with loads of non-veg dishes.

The prices are a bit high. But if you want good fishes, they come costly. Their service is a bit slow. But as soon as you have your bite you will forget the time.

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