Bangaliana | Bengali Restaurant at Koramangala, Bangalore

Ambiance: Average
Food: Average
Price: Average
Location : 7th Block, Koramangala, Opp to HDFC Bank,Bangalore

Contact No. : 080 25711058,9845366458

Timings : 11.30AM to 10.30PM

Cost : Rs. 700 for two

Cuisine : Bengali


  • Bhetki Paturi Meal[Rs.220]
  • Hilsa Jhal Meal[Rs.300]
  • Telapia Fish Meal[Rs.180]
  • Pabda Jhal Meal[Rs.250]
  • Parse Jhal Meal[Rs.220]
  • Chicken Curry Meal[Rs.180]
  • Prawn Curry Meal[Rs.300]
  • Luchi Mutton[Rs.250]
  • Mutton Curry Meal[Rs.250]
  • Keema Curry Meal[Rs.250]
  • Crab Masala Meal[Rs.200]


  • Macher dim er Bora[Rs.50]
  • Fish Fry[Rs.100]
  • Fish Fingers[Rs.150]
  • Fish Kabiraji[Rs.120]
  • Mutton Cutlet[Rs.100]
  • Mocha Chop[Rs.70]
  • Chicken Cutlet[Rs.80]
  • Veg Cutlet[Rs.60]

Fish Preparation

  • Bhetki Paturi[Rs.140]
  • Sorshe Ilish[Rs.250]
  • Papda Jhal[Rs.200]
  • Pomfret Jhal[Rs.250]
  • Pona Kalia[Rs.140]

Chicken Preaparation

  • Chicken Curry[Rs.160]
  • Chicken Kosha[Rs.170]

Mutton Preparation

  • Mutton Curry[Rs.180]
  • Mutton Kosha[Rs.200]

Veg Preparation

  • Jhoori Aloo Bhaja[Rs.60]
  • Aloo Dum[Rs.50]
  • Aloo Posto[Rs.70]
  • Dhokar Dalna[Rs.60]
  • Shukto[Rs.50]
  • Mochar Ghonto[Rs.70]

Prawn Preparation

  • Prawn Cutlet[Rs.120]
  • Prawn Kabiraji[Rs.150]
  • Prawn Curry[Rs.200]
  • Prawn Malai Curry[Rs.200]

Crab Preparation

  • Crab Jhol[Rs.180]
  • Crab Masala[Rs.200]

Rice Preparation

  • Steamed Rice[Rs.50]
  • Veg Pulao[Rs.70]
  • Pulao (Bangla)[Rs.90]
  • Chingri Pulao[Rs.150]

Bread items

  • Paratha[Rs.40]
  • Radhaballavi & Aloo Dum[Rs.90]
  • Roti(2pcs)[Rs.20]
  • Luchi(2pcs)[Rs.20]


  • Bhaja Moong Dal[Rs.60]
  • Masur Dal[Rs.50]
  • Cholar Dal[Rs.50]
  • Mache Matha Diye Dal[Rs.70]

Bengali Sweets

  • Rosagolla(2pcs)[Rs.40]
  • Malpoa(2pcs)[Rs.30]
  • Misti Doi[Rs.30]
  • Payesh[Rs.50]
  • Lengcha(2pcs)[Rs.40]


This is a typical Bengali restaurant at Koramangala. Its on the 1st floor. The ambiance is not so good. You can smell good Bengali food. The entrance is a bit clumsy, So as the seating is not much comfortable. This food joint is run by bunch of Bengali people. Most of the foodies you will find here are Bengali feasting on fishes.

The food is very good. And has authentic homemade Bengali taste. The fish preparations are good, nicely cooked and smell very fresh. The pieces of fishes or chicken are big in size. Bhetki paturi is a must have in here. Also u can grab some fish fingers.Aloo posto is just too good. To add to your plate there are Kolkata sweet, which they serve in trays if you havent ordered you can just after looking at those.

Their service is quick. Their behavior are nice and they would rather treat you in a homely way.

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