Tung Fong | Chinese Restaurant in Park Street, Kolkata

Tung Fong-Parkstreet
Ambiance: Good
Food: Good
Price: High
Location : Karnani Mansion, Free School Street, Kolkata

Contact No. : 033 22174969

Timings : 12:30PM to 10:30PM

Cost : Rs.700-800 for two [VAT Extra]

Cuisine : Chinese

Our Recommendation :

  • Chicken/ Prawn/ Mixed Fried Rice [Rs.146]
  • Chicken/ Prawn Cantonese Rice [Rs.143]
  • Chicken Haka Noodles [Rs.119]
  • Chicken/ Prawn/ Mixed Chilli Garlic Chow [Rs.153]
  • Prawn American Chopsuye [Rs.140]
  • Prawn Black Bean Sauce [Rs.735/ Rs.385]
  • Crab Meat with Button Mushroom [Rs.369]
  • Manchurian Lamb [Rs.410]
  • Lamb in Hunan Mint Sauce [Rs.410]
  • Rice Wine Chicken [Rs.302]
  • Tung Fong Chilli Fish [Rs.212]
  • Tung Fong Fried Chicken [Rs.323]
  • SeaFood Combination(Prawn, Sliced Fish, Crab sauteed with celery and Veg in Soya Sauce) [Rs.600 / Rs.325]


Tung Fong is one of the famous Chinese Restaurants present in Park Street Area. We visited this place with a great expectation and they have passed with a good marks. The decor in this place is very rare now a days. A soothing soft light and sound of the spoon and plate only can be heard there. Seats are very cozy, a big group of 7-8 people can also accommodate themselves easily.

Food is very good and tasty. The service is very fast. Chicken Haka Noodles, Mix Garlic Fried Rice, Cantonese Noodles with Kung Pao Chicken are very popular here. For Starter Drums of Heaven and Chicken Shasilk is very good option for starter.

Staffs are very helpful. Price are a bit high but not too much in comparison with the taste and quantity.

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