The Chinese Pavilion | Chinese Restaurant in Ballygunge, Kolkata

Chinese Pavilion-Ballygunge
Ambiance: Average
Food: Average
Price: High
Location : Old Ballygunge Road, Ballygunge Phari Crossing, Kolkata

For Home Delivery : 033 22806107

Timings : 11AM to 10PM

Cost : 700 for two

Cuisine : Chinese, Thai

  • Salt n’ Pepper Shrimp [Rs.270]
  • Fried Fish n’ Chips [Rs.180]
  • Chicken Sweet Corn Soup [Rs.85 / Rs.160]
  • Chicken Soup with Dumpling [Rs.85 / Rs.160]
  • Sweet n’ Sour Prawn [Rs.220 / Rs.300]
  • Crispy Chicken in Honey Pepper Sauce [Rs.135 / Rs.225]
  • Braised Lamb in Honey Chilli Sauce [Rs.160 / Rs.260]
  • Manchurian Fish [Rs.140 / Rs.235]
  • Peking Sliced Fish with Mushroom [Rs.140 / Rs.235]
  • Mushroom n’ Onion Fried Rice [Rs.100 / Rs.200]
  • Mixed Fried Rice[Rs.130/ Rs.215]
  • Prawn n’ Vegetables Noodles [Rs.130 / Rs.200]
  • Thai Chilli Chicken Noodles [Rs.135 / Rs.210]
  • Chicken Green Curry [Rs.135 / Rs.225]


This restaurant is situated near Ballygunge Phanri. but not that much popular just because of being average in every aspect liker food, decor etc. Nothing to get surprised can be found here. But the food is fresh and healthy too. Items are a bit overpriced in account of quantity and taste.

This restaurant is here for more than 20 years but they have not improved themselves much. So will go next time with a great expectation of improvement.

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