Shiv Ashram Sorbet Lassi | Flavoured Soft Drinks in Bidhan Sarani, Kolkata

Shiv Ashram - Bidhan Sarani
Ambiance: Poor
Food: Good
Price: Low
Location : Bidhan Sarani, Kolkata

Timings : 12 Noon to 9 PM

Cost : 100 for two

Cuisine : Sarbet, lassi, Flavored Soft Drink

Our Recommendation :

  • Bhaang[Rs.40]

  • Kesar Thandai[Rs.30]
  • Kesar Badam[Rs.30]
  • Kesar Pista[Rs.25]
  • Milk litchi[Rs.22]
  • Milk Rose[Rs.22]
  • Milk Bela[Rs.22]
  • LASSI:

  • Green Mango Lassi[Rs.17]
  • Strawberry Lassi[Rs.17]
  • Grape Lassi[Rs.17]
  • Orange Lassi[Rs.17]

  • Orange [Rs.10]
  • Chocolate [Rs.10]
  • Banana [Rs.10]
  • Mango [Rs.10]
  • Lemon [Rs.10]
  • SYRUP:

  • Rose Syrup [Rs.10]
  • Lemon [Rs.10]
  • Khus [Rs.10]
  • Keora [Rs.10]
  • Litchi [Rs.10]

Shiv Ashram Sorbet Lassi is near Shyambazar on Bidhan Sarani near Hedua Area. It says SINCE 1978, which quite impresses.

It is a lil corner counter serving refreshments. However the no. of people coming & going is not less. They serve Lassi, Syrups, Shakes and most distinctly Bhaang. Which is not being served in this way in the town as per i know.

The prepare the drinks with great care. A single person sitting at the counter serves many in a short time. An each & every drink looks attractive.

Since summers are here so, we need to quench our thirst. So one can peep in here and give a try to something new.

I remember the Kesar Badam Shake, its was great and i can still lick its flavors. The Sorbet are simple and not much heavy so you can gulp down any flavor with ease.

This place was not known to me but I encountered it on the way and they are doing good. Don’t go with the ambiance, its very small. And you have to stand and sip. But if i come to the tastes , you can definitely have a good one.

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