Golbarir Kosha Mangsho | North Indian Restaurant in Shyambazar, Kolkata

Ambiance: Poor
Food: Good
Price: Low
Location : Shyambazar Crossing, Kolkata

Timings : 1PM to 11PM

Cost : 200 for two

Cuisine : Indian

Our Recommendation :

  • Paratha [Rs.6]
  • Mutton Kasha (2 Pcs) [Rs.108]
  • Mutton Keema (2 Pcs) [Rs.108]
  • Mutton Liver (2 Pcs) [Rs.108]
  • Chicken Masala [Rs.86]
  • Chicken Liver [Rs.50]
  • Tadka(THU only)[Rs. 35]
  • Mutton/Chicken Cutlet [Rs.28]

When Bengali’s talk about Kosha Mangsho(Spicy Mutton) the name of Golbari pops out most of the times. Shyambazar is one of the oldest place in Kolkata and this place also. Surprisingly, they have retained the old flavour even after years. Around 15 people can sit in the cabin, the chairs are of plastics and the table is more like a desk and wall mounted. Every inch is oily inside. A big cauldron full of meat is always kept on low flame with a man beside stirring it. A strong smell of meat with some special recipe can be found all over in here.

The preparation is kinda north-indian. The meat is spicy and oily, so health conscious people should be careful so that they don’t fall in love with it much. Their menu is very short so maximum people here visit to have just two items Paratha and Kasha Mangsho. They also serve cutlets, but those are not that popular and not tasty either.

But frankly speaking for last few years the quality is lowered, The Meat has more bones and the preparation is too much oily now so the taste can’t satisfy new generation that much.

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