Panch Phoron | Bengali Restaurant and Home Delivery in Kasba, Kolkata

Panchphoron - Kasba
Ambiance: Average
Food: Good
Price: Average
Address : Kasba [Opposite Siemens], Kolkata

Timings : 11AM to 11PM

For Home Delivery : 9830881509 , 033-24428826

Cost : 800 for Two

Cuisine : Bengali

Our Recommendation :

  • Pulao[Rs.75]
  • Moong Dal[Rs.60]
  • Doi Potol[Rs.70]
  • Enchor Dalna [Rs.70]
  • Jhinge Alu Posto [Rs.70]
  • Katla Kalia [Rs. 80]
  • Doi katla [Rs.80]
  • tel Koi[Rs.140]
  • Chitol Peti Jhal [Rs.190]
  • Bhetki Paturi [Rs.165]
  • Chingri Paturi [Rs.150]
  • Chingri Malai Curry [Rs.150]
  • Kasha Mangsho[Rs.175]
  • Kachi Pathar Jhol[Rs.150]
  • Special Murgir Mangsho[Rs.150]
  • Aam Chutney [Rs.30]
  • Malpoa [Rs.25]

This is a new place in town. Its a little food joint serving quite good Bengali dishes. I dropped in here on Poila Boishak and savored most of the menu. The menu was limited although you can choose many.

They offer both veg and non veg.All of them are typical Bengali delicacies. The Bhetki Paturi was very good, soft and nicely flavored, Pulao has a nice aroma. The Kosha Mangsho, Special Chicken are favorites for Bengalis and those were cooked tender and tasty. The Chitol Peti was cooked in a rich and spicy gravy which tasted good but the fish did’nt seem much fresh.

The main prob with this place is that its too small, it can accommodate utmost 15 people at a time. Since its new, I didn’t find much of crowd. The decor is simple yet nice.Mostly they do home deliveries, which is a nice option if you stay near by.

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