Zaayka | Indian, Tandoor, Chinese Restaurant in Bidhannagar, Durgapur

Ambiance: Good
Food: Good
Price: High
Location : Bidhan Nagar, Durgapur

Timings : 1PM to 11PM

Cost : 400 for two

Cuisine : Indian, Chinese, Tandoor

Our Recommendation :

  • Mix Chicken Haka Noodles [Rs.140]
  • Special Chicken Kebab [Rs.180]
  • Various Chicken Preparations [Avg Rs.150]
  • Prawn Golden Butter Masala [Rs.200]
  • Aloo Paratha [Rs.35]
  • Indian Chicken [Rs. 150]
  • Chicken Biryani [Rs.130]
  • Zykaa Special Biryani [Rs.180]

Zaykaa is a very good place to have dinner. You will love their interior decoration specially the soft seats, dim light around you. The attenders is also very helpful, When I saw few new names in the menu card, they introduced them to me very well.

Now about the food, Yes they cook very good, and they serve a good quantity also. The Butter Chicken Masala contains two big pieces and they were nearly boneless.

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