Lee Eating House | Chinese Restaurant cum Bar in Tangra, Kolkata

Lee Eating House-Tangra
Ambiance: Average
Food: Good
Price: Average
Location : China Town, Tangra ( Opposite Beijing )

Timings : 1 PM to 10 PM

Cost : 150(avg) for dishes

Cuisine : Chinese, Drinks also available

Our Recommendation :

  • Chicken Clear Soup
  • Schezwan Prawn
  • Lemon Chicken with sauce
  • Chicken Veg with Button Mushroom
  • Steamed Fish
  • Chicken Mushroom
  • Chicken Wanton
  • Chicken Fried Rice

This restaurant is a good place for a party or to through a treat. this restaurant can accommodate 100 people all together. The low light, red color lantern will just take you away when you will sip in your drink slowly. To me this is one of the best place to drink. taste of food is also good and their service also deserve a mention. Prices of food and drink are average here. If you go there in groups it will be best to take a 750ml bottle of drink.

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