Indian Coffee House | Coffee and Snacks in College Street, Kolkata

Ambiance: Average
Food: Poor
Price: Average
Location : 15, Bankim Chatterjee Street, Kolkata

Timings : 11AM to 11 PM

Cost : 50Rs.(avg)

Cuisine : Snacks , Fast Food, Tea, Coffee

Our Recommendation : Infusion, Cutlet, Tea, Coffee with Pakora


If you are born in Bengal then only you can feel the chemistry between tasteless foods and quarrelsome waiters with the smoke of cigarette and a lot of chaos which can be found through out the day in this cafe, this is the cafe where you can chat for 2 – 3 hours, this cafe was the place of ‘adda’ for many bengalee who are still now worshiped by us the bengalees as well as by the people of out side bengal.

You will found many common food items which you can be found easily in the road side food stalls. like cutlet, kabiraji, sandwich, chowmin, samosa, moglai parota etc. and the main attraction their is Tea / Coffee with pakora ( onion ). One must go their and have that item. Don’t expect services to be very good.

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